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8 Tips to Play Time-Based Rummy Tournaments

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If you play rummy tournaments, you must have come across two formats: time-based and round-based. The former one is the most challenging, as here, the ultimate rummy experience is noted by the quickness of the game. All the turns by players and the game itself are timed. If you go overboard, then you will lose the game, or be dropped from the same.

Below-mentioned are 8 tips that will help you play rummy online real money like a pro.

  1. Awareness of Rummy Rules

You must know all the rummy rules so as to not miss any opportunity and not to commit any mistake while playing a card. Knowledge about the game will help you understand which trick to apply at the right time or which card to discard or keep. Being short on time, you must be equipped with the card game details of the particular format, like the back of your hand.

  1. Skill to Analyze the Opponents

When you play rummy, simultaneously keep a lookout for the moves by opponents. This will aid in analyzing the game-play of rivals, so that you can take caution and form a strategy to win the game. Note all the cards being discarded by rivals, and if they pick any card from open pile, which it is. Cards picked from open pile will give you an idea as to the type of set or sequence the player intends to make, so you will be careful as to not give away a card the opponent needs.

  1. The Discard Section

The pile where a player discards cards is known as either discard pile or section. Here, all the cards are visible to the players in the game. By keeping a check on this section in rummy online, you need to understand the cards required and not required by other opponents in the game. Make sure that if you pick a card from this section, not to leave any other clue to opponents about the sequence or set you plan to form with the particular card.

  1. Presence of Mind

As there is shortage of time, you have to think quickly. Presence of mind is the most important thing in Indian rummy, if you want to win the game. Is the rival trying to bait you? Do you want to trick an opponent? Is the opposite player playing swift enough, maybe he/she is leading to a win? Every step taken by opponents has to be mulled over, including your own, before you play a card.

  1. Take Calculative Steps

After analysing the game and opponents, you must take calculative steps. Do not give away a card your rival needs. And do not discard a card that you can use for sequences and sets, as there is no possibility to undo a move. Think out every move and do not play randomly, but practically. If you are discarding a card, know the purpose of it, same goes when it is about picking any card. After all, the trick to win the game is to know how to play rummy sensibly than in haste.

  1. Quickness with Moves

When you play rummy online which is time-based, it is important to play the moves quickly. So, you should analyze rivals and game promptly in time to decide as to which card to throw and which to pick. If you take too much time to play a card, then either you will miss your turn or simply agonize other players. Missing too many turns will lead the system to drop you out of the game.

  1. Bluff the Rivals

A good rummy card game player is the one who baits opponents without them realizing the trick has been played on. To do so, you need to be a pro in the game. Play free and practice games to learn every rummy rule and trick so that you can apply those aptly in a tournament. Since in tourneys, the points are at stake, you have to be careful about the techniques you use.

  1. Make a Valid Declare

Even if you play the game correctly and have all the necessary sequences and sets in place, it will not be the best rummy experience, if you cannot make a valid declare. So understand how to group cards correctly and make a valid declare. Otherwise, a wrong declare will push you out of the game and cause a loss of points, not to mention, you will no longer be a part of the round/game.

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