Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020


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Why Collect Comic Books?

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Part of the popularity of comic books comes from the fact that they are a great reminder of carefree childhood days when you could have a good laugh at the simplest of jokes. They are also much loved owing to the underlying cryptic messages that they send across while being laced with humor on the outside. Add to that the art involved in these deeply influential works and you have got a product that finds a special place in many a heart. Besides, there can be a financial aspect to this hobby too. We will look into that later in this article.

The hunting grounds

If you are an enthusiastic collector of comic books (as I am), you will have realized that building a good comic collection is possible only if you know the right sources to find them. One of the best places to find even the rarest of books is at comic conventions. Besides, that is where you get the meet fellow enthusiasts and catch up on the latest in the comic books world; information that can prove invaluable. Other than conventions, yard sales and used book stores can also be extremely cost effective sources for collectible Comic forum. What is useless garbage for other people could be gold for you. Apart from all of these, one of the best sources is the Internet itself. There are always people clearing away old stuff and giving them away in online auctions on popular sites such as eBay. Just hanging around these places might get you some really nice additions to your collection.

You can also search online for comic books forums and message boards. Following the discussions there will give you more ideas. Some forums even have dedicated sections for trading where you could buy, sell or trade your comic books.

Caring for your comic book collection

Just having the best comic book collection in town is surely not enough. The value of a collection increases many times if it is properly maintained and kept in mint condition. To endure this, folding the pages or flipping through them too roughly is a big no-no as this can easily lead to the pages crumpling or curling up. The use of a Mylar Sleeve is also very much recommended when it comes to storing of your comic book collection. It prevents moisture reaching the books which is important. There are special comic book boxes available in which these books should be ideally stored. Remember that the resale value of a comic book collection depends largely on the condition as also the rarity.

Selling your collection

Sometimes, you might have to consider selling of a part of your collection in order to raise funds for further additions or because they are redundant. Some even sell them off since complete collections can fetch a lot of money from other avid collectors. In such cases, you might consider looking for buyers at the same places where you sought to buy them. Prices for comic books rise with age and there are always keen buyers out there. Complete collections will fetch a lot more than random individual comics.

In short, collecting comic books is a very interesting and satisfying hobby owing to the kind of influence these have in modern culture. In addition to the hobby part of it, comic book collection can also be an impressive money maker if done the right way.